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School Health Service – Nurse

The school health service promotes healthy development and wellbeing, helping students reach their full potential. School nurses provide the service in partnership with school. Our nurse is Jo Luplau and she visits the school regularly.

Every child in Kindergarten is sent home a School Health Assessment Entry form. Once this is completed the nurse conducts hearing, vision and Body Mass Index assessment. If there is any concerns the parents are conducted and referrals made if needed. We can assist the teachers if there are any concerns re Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy or general development.

Teachers or parents of any year group can refer a child for hearing or vision assessment. This is done by completing a Referral to Community Health Nurse Form. Other services the nurse can provide are: Helping school staff and parents develop health care plans, Parenting advice and working with teachers to provide health education sessions e.g. puberty talks.

Please contact the front office on 08 9413 1550 if you would like any further information on this service.

School Psychologist

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO)


Michele PC is the school’s Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO) and her role is to continue to develop and  build on positive relationships between school staff and local Aboriginal communities, ensuring the culture of communities is extended into teaching and learning programs. Michele provides both student and family support, linking Aboriginal families into external agencies for assistance and support, when required. She also engages families as partners in their children’s learning and assists them in engaging in activities both in the classroom and after school. Michele supports staff and students to gain a greater understanding of the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework and provides whole-school support  in strengthening and reinforcing Aboriginal students’ cultural identity.

School Chaplain

Nollamara Primary is fortunate to have the support and services of a school chaplain. This role is founded on the core values of Respect, Compassion and Service. Our YouthCARE chaplain, Jody Rynski, fulfils a pastoral care role at Nollamara Primary and facilitates a variety of services to meet both school and community needs. Jody promotes the holistic wellbeing of students, parents and staff by building positive relationships and providing social, emotional, and practical support. These initiatives include:

  • Breakfast Club facilitation Monday to Friday 8.10am-8.35am
  • Lunchtime activities for students
  • Individual pastoral care sessions
  • Group Friendship, and Grief & Loss Programs
  • Networking families with external agencies for assistance as needed
  • Coordinating our on-site Helping Hands resource room where families can access children’s clothes and other resources
  • Supporting P&C and community events
  • Providing an update in our school newsletter of current initiative and events

Please telephone the school on 08 9413 1550 or come to the front office if you would like to make an appointment to see Jody. She works from Monday to Friday.

After School Care

Kosy Kids operates a before and after school care program at based at Nollamara Primary for children aged from 4 years and above. The hours of operation are 6.30 am to 9.00 am for before school care and 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm for after school care. Students are provided with careful supervision, healthy food and fun activities, both indoor and outside, while in the program. Parents need to register their children for this service and pay fees directly to Kosy Kids. For further information on the program please contact the front office on 9349 1266 or call Kosy Kids directly. 


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