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P & C Association

What is a P & C

The P&C Association is the forum for parents and citizens in schools who have an interest in their children’s education. A P&C comprises of parents and carers of children attending a school. We gather monthly to discuss what is going on in our school and in our children’s education and have the forum to share our opinions. We bring ideas together that will not only enhance our children’s experience at school but in certain circumstances raise money that we can then put back into the school.  We watch these ideas come into fruition.

To do this we need the hands of more parents.  Anyone is welcome to join us at our monthly meetings.  We also need help to run the events we hold. If you can help you can stop in at the front office and give the ladies your details or call 9413 1550.

Come & Connect

Please email us if  you are interested in getting involved.

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